The list

Scooter fabric

I’ve been so busy sewing lately that I’ve not made any time to blog, so apologies for that.

I have also been working on some secret projects so, until they are revealed, I need to keep quiet!

I have such a lot of projects on the go at the moment that I decided to use my day job skills and prioritise them in order to get through them.

I have found this has helped me to make progress and get things done.

Current projects include:

  • A jacket for my mum
  • A tailored shirt that I gave my Dad an IOU for on his birthday
  • A tailored shirt for my boyfriend
  • Some bespoke garments that I have been commissioned for
  • Some soft furnishings for selling at craft fairs
  • Yoga trousers for me
  • Some alterations
  • Completing a top that has been lying around unfinished for the last year
  • Finishing some cropped trousers that I started in June

Quite a list, and I just keep adding to it.  Unfortunately, there are also some very pretty dress patterns that I have that haven’t even made it on to the list yet and may have to wait a few months.

I have managed to balance the list with gifts for family, work projects and some selfish sewing.  There’s definitely some fun and challenging stuff there.  In particular, I can’t wait to start working with this scooter fabric – it’s adorable.  I love how the scooters look like little angry faces!

I’ll let you know how I get on!

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