Stef’s Burda 6664 Wrap Dress

Stef from Stef Makes has shared her latest LSABlogSquad make and it is just the prettiest!


The weather in the UK has been uncharacteristically hot of late and I have found myself craving some (also uncharacteristically) floral print summer dresses. To my dismay, I have little in my wardrobe to fit this bill (at least it feels that way) and, like many, am finding myself slightly lost amid the change of season wardrobe crisis. So when it came to picking my next fabric for the Like Sew Amazing Blog Squad, I was drawn to all the floaty floral fabrics like a moth to a flame.

I decided upon the Tropical Reef Viscose, a Lady McElroy fabric, and what a delight it is. The colours are vivid but sophisticated and with an almost navy background, I felt I wasn’t straying too far from my colour scheme comfort zone! The fabric itself is a viscose and, although slightly see-through, it has a gorgeous drape and feels super comfortable to wear.

In terms of what to make it was always a toss up between two patterns; the By Hand London, Anna Dress or Burda Wrap Dress (6664). Both patterns are tried and tested so I had no concerns there, but the wrap dress just beat Anna to it as I felt the print would work perfectly with such a pattern. I’m so glad I did too as I’m really pleased with the finished results. This dress is perfect for both smart casual occasions, with a pair of sandals, or a more formal occasion, with some strappy heels perhaps.

In terms of the make itself, there were very few alterations. The only significant adaptation that I made was to half the width of the waist ties by cutting the original pattern piece, folding it in on itself (right sides together), sewing it into a tube and then turning it right side out. This way a) all raw edges were concealed, b) the right side of the fabric was showing on both sides and c) the band proved to just generally be a better width. I have made this dress once before and found that the waistband at full width came out a little bulky, especially around the knot. With the amended width, this problem was eliminated.

Construction was super simple with no tricky closures. The tie literally just threads through and wraps around (a bit like a ballet cardigan). There are no darts and little shaping but I don’t find it to be a problem. Lastly, I finished the neckline with a matching navy bias binding which I think gives a really clean look.

Overall this dress has been a really satisfying make and I think I will find plenty of occasions to wear it. (Assuming the weather stays ok that is – which cannot be guaranteed!)

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