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scooter shirt coller

I’ve had a lovely weekend of sewing.  I managed to get this tailored men’s shirt completed in six and a half hours.  I know I will be able to get that time down with practice.

The pattern matching did take a while and I have to say that some areas where I didn’t specifically try and match the pattern, have turned out really well!  Lucky accidents, if you will!


I loved working with this fabric – I always find it more enjoyable when the print makes you smile.  Tim, who commissioned the shirt, and I went delving into the treasure trove that is Rose Crafts, in Midsomer Norton.  It is a tiny craft and fabric shop, crammed to the rafters with some absolute gems.

I challenged myself to make the shirt with no serged edges, instead choosing to use french and flat felled seams.  The result is lovely and the garment looks as good from the inside as it does from the outside (although the adorable scooters are much better from the outside!)

french seams

I made a contrast collar band and shortened the sleeves, as well as adapting the pattern to include contrasting cuffs, which I applied like bias binding so that they can be rolled or folded up.

contrast cuff

I added these gorgeous red patterned buttons to finish the shirt and I think they set off the contrast elements really well.


I’ll post another picture of the shirt being modelled by it’s owner when they have been formally introduced to each other, but for now, here is the finished article!

scooter shirt

*Update Alert* Here it is being modelled by Tim!

Quiff model's own!
Quiff model’s own!


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