2018 Make Nine – Progress

I didn’t manage to get all of my 2017 Make Nine plans finished, as I found myself changing my mind as the year went on. With that in mind, I planned my 2018 Make Nine makes with a bit more thought and looked at wardrobe gaps and sewing goals that I wanted to achieve.

Upon completing my Halifax hoodie, I realised that I have actually finished all of my 2018 plans and we are only part way through August – yay!

So here’s a little summary of the nine garments I chose:

The Southbank dress

This was one of my first makes this year and I absolutely love it! I made it from some super snuggly fleece back jersey from Stoff and Still. Perhaps it is too snuggly though as I haven’t been able to wear it since the Spring! I adore the pattern though and definitely want to try out the other variations.

The Rumana coat

This was the Sew My Style pattern for February and I thought I would be really clever and make mine from some cupro. This didn’t turn out to be the best idea, as much as I love the overall look, I think the seams look a little puckered and I just haven’t been inspired to wear the coat at all. I love the pattern and how it is cut though so definitely want to make a proper wool version ready for this Winter.

The Sunny dress

This was another Sew My Style pattern. I have got a bit of wear out of this one but only because it is so easy to throw on over tights. It isn’t my favourite knit dress pattern and I don’t think I would make it again.

The Kalle shirt

I made the cropped version from a gorgeous Atelier Brunette cotton lawn that I had in my stash and I couldn’t love it any more! I opted for a Liberty print yoke and collar band and added cute snaps instead of buttons! I’ve found this shirt to be really versatile and has gone well with lots of my other makes. I definitely prefer the cropped option of the Kalle and will definitely make another one at some point.

The Lander pants

I made some cropped linen Landers in the Sprint and they have been great for weekends away etc. I love the fit and the cut of the trousers and they were a lovely easy make. I made the shorts version too when they were the featured Sew My Style pattern. I think I improved the fit slightly with the shorts and I can see this being my go to shorts pattern now.

The Fumeterre skirt

Wow, I just love this skirt – so elegant and swooshy but also really cool when worn with a leather jacket and boots. I made mine from a really drapey rayon, and while the make wasn’t without its challenges, I love the finished skirt!

The Halifax hoodie

It took me ages to choose the fabric for this make – I just couldn’t make up my mind, but once I did, I was super happy. It came together pretty quickly and I love how there are lots of variations of the pattern.

The Hudson pants

I’ve actually made three pairs of Hudsons this year so far and I’m sure there will be more! The best tracksuit bottoms ever! I’ve made my boy a pair and he loves them too!

The Helen’s Closet Robe

I really love this pattern and how it can show off a special fabric. I chose to make a day time top rather than the robe, but I may make the robe at some point too when I next need a dressing gown.

The funny thing is, scrolling back through my feed, I realised that there were some patterns that I’ve made that didn’t make the list because they were released this year after I had made my plans but they definitely would have made the list! I’m thinking of the Mila and Jenny dungarees and the Myosotis and Seren dresses.

How are your make nine plans coming along?

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